Heal Yourself--Heal the World

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Deborah King
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Deborah King, spiritual leader and New York Times bestselling author of Be Your Own Shaman, inspires and teaches her proven method of LifeForce Energy Healing in this definitive and accessible book that will forever change the way you connect to your energy.What’s standing between you and the life you were meant to lead? The answer lies in your energy field and how you manage it. When our energy pathways are blocked by suppressed feelings, pain, and trauma, we weaken both our personal and universal energy fields, hindering our ability to live our best lives. LifeForce Energy has its origins in the living force that Hindus call prana, the Chinese call chi, and the Japanese call qi. This primal force is connected to your spirit as well as to your physical, emotional, and mental self. It is, in fact, the substance of spirit, what Master energy healer Deborah King calls “LifeForce energy.” Now, using the simple techniques and powerful teachings in Heal Yourself—Heal the World, you can finally clear past trauma from your energy field, connect with authentic emotions, and clear, charge, and re-balance your chakras. Within Heal Yourself—Heal the World you will be able to explore the origins and benefits of energy healing as well as learn self-healing practices and techniques, moving you from basic concepts to hands-on learning to, ultimately, whole world healing.

In our COVID-19 state, our entire world is experiencing something this generation has never seen. Never has the current generation experienced a pandemic that has led to economic and social chaos of this magnitude. The body knows about healing and survival and evolution and when acknowledged that leads to freedom.

[Verse 2: Freddie Foxxx] Everybody rise as I present to a jet black crowd What it's like to be black and proud In a world where white is right but not tonight This is a black man's mic I heard a sister say she don't like... Heal the world, Make it a better place For you and for me And the entire human race. And the dream we were conceived in Will reveal a joyful face.