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'For the few minutes I put into meditation each day, I get back at least an extra three hours of focus and quality work.' Mark Hyman, MD In Stress Less, Accomplish More Emily Fletcher shares an ancient meditation technique designed for busy lives. The focus of the practice is stress relief, mental clarity and improved productivity, so it's perfect for the fast pace of modern life. This style of meditation was developed specifically for people with a lot of demands on their time - those with busy jobs, lives and families - and so it has been designed to work anywhere, anytime. All you need is somewhere to sit, a little training and a few minutes to yourself. Throughout the book, Emily explains what meditation is, how you do it and the many exciting ways that it can change your life. Stress Less, Accomplish More destigmatises meditation for the average person, making it attractive, understandable and easy to implement for all. This book has a very simple message: do less - without the stress - and accomplish more. Emily Fletcher is a leading expert in meditation for high performance and has taught meditation to executives at global corporations like Google, Barclays and Viacom as well as busy parents, NBA players, Oscar winners, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

Now, you can learn to recharge anywhere, anytime—at home or at your desk. All you need is a few minutes and a chair (no apps, incense, or finger cymbals required). With Stress Less, Accomplish More, anyone can get the benefits of her 15-minute twice-daily plan.

Use digital tools and third-party services. In a professional ... Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Busy Minds: Fletcher, Emily, Hyman, Dr Mark, Huberman, Andrew D., Fletcher, Emily, Zeller, Emily Woo, Pratt, Sean ... How to Meditate to Stress Less and Accomplish More.