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Ingrid Bauer
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Most new parents think of diapers as a smelly, expensive, and unavoidable necessity. The good news is that it’s possible—even practical—to raise your kids without diapers. In Diaper Free!, Ingrid Bauer shows how you can:* Save thousands of dollars* Reduce landfill waste (single-use disposable diapers are responsible for one third of the non- biodegradable waste in landfills)* Avoid diaper rash* Use the “Four Tools for Diaper Freedom” to enhance your relationship with your baby and deepen communication. Based on extensive research, case studies, and the author’s own experience, Diaper Free! is a warm and helpful companion at every stage, from the first magical days of your baby’s life, to complete toilet independence. BACKCOVER: “The true solution to the diaper dilemma. . . . Packed with information, examples, and support. A valuable addition to the library of any pregnant or new mother.”—Teresa Pitman, La Leche League International

jake and his brother's accident at the mall 1/1/16. jake the diaper delinquent! 3/1/12.

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