Straight Talk on Discouragement

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Joyce Meyer
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There's Hope! Take Courage! You Don't Have to Be Discouraged! We all have been disappointed when things did not turn out as we had planned. Sometimes it may seem as if everything is going wrong and all our hopes remain unfulfilled. If we do not deal with the disappointment immediately, we give the devil permission to lead us down the path of discouragement and ultimately into devastating depression. Bestselling author Joyce Meyer outlines scriptural principles to help you resist the devil before he leads you down this crippling road. These powerful truths will help you discover the difference between godly aggression and satanic oppression and teach you how to resist the devil the first moment he tempts you. You will learn how to deal with disappointment and turn it around into victory! Don't become an unhappy Christian lying along the roadside of life! You can stand in your authority in Jesus Christ and resist the devil today! Look for the other books in this series: Straight Talk on Depression Straight Talk on Fear Straight Talk on Insecurity Straight Talk on Loneliness Straight Talk on Stress

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Pick up our Bibles and get on our praying knees and pursue the strength that God supplies (1 Peter 4:11). Fourth, we make straight paths for our feet (Hebrews 12:13).