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Karly Lane
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THE CALLAHANS OF STRINGYBARK CREEK - Book 2 Griffin Callahan and Olivia Dawson were inseparable. Everyone in town knew it. But when Griff went off to ag college, Liv told him it was over and fled her family's farm to study law. Griff had never understood her reasons, but eventually accepted that first loves don't last. Until now. Currently back on the farm to help her twin brother with the harvest, Liv is the same gorgeous, laughing, hazel-eyed girl he'd always loved. Yet Griff can sense a difference, an uncertainty playing beneath the surface, that wasn't there before. Amid crossed wires, drunken declarations, and families on a mission, will Griff and Liv finally have a second chance? Or will the old saying - if you love someone set them free - become their reality?

Right Now is in a constant state of flux with his career, friendships, and even where he sees himself in the next 6 months. He might be the type who could pick up and move to another country at the drop of a hat.

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Right Now (21) Turn your phone off, take your clothes off I'm a sav', but I f*ck her to a slow song Said the nail lady went and did her toes wrong Said her last man was always playin' Drake songs Yeah, cellphones out when I roll up Yeah, the nigga had a problem 'til I showed up Everybody with a "at" before they name tough Yeah, more concerned with blowin' up than growin' up Yeah, said she ... Mr. Right Now.