Secrets of the Heart

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Mary Balogh
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George, Duke of Cranwell, and his duchess's separation led to a bitter divorce and social ostracism for Sarah, who, unable to divulge to him the secrets of her heart, told instead the lies he expected to hear. Now, four years later, the duke and Sarah Fifield meet again in Bath and are thrown together by the unfortunate fact that the lady with whom Sarah is living as companion is a close friend of the grandmother of George's new fiancee. Against all the odds and wisdom itself, Sarah and George seem fated to fall in love all over again. Yet the old secrets remain and come back to haunt Sarah in the form of the man who destroyed her innocence years ago and now threatens that of George's sister and even of his fiancee. Sarah, it seems, may have to sacrifice her own chance of happiness once more in order to protect that of the man she has never stopped loving. Unless, that is, he can uncover the truth and protect her.

I.THE SECRET OF SIN IS FOUND IN THE CORRUPT HEART. The first thing that startles and staggers us may be some actual transgression; but as we consider the matter, we are forced back and back, and closer and closer, till we end with the corrupt heart. Main Secrets of the Heart.

The power of love is enormous. Love is a healing power which we can't even barely comprehend.