Secrets of Cavendon

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Barbara Taylor Bradford
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'A glamorous read packed with period detail...strong women are centre stage' Daily Mail The secrets of an aristocratic dynasty are about to be revealed... The year is 1949. And at Cavendon Hall, a Yorkshire stately home, the Second World War has exacted a terrible price and the estate is facing bankruptcy. The aristocratic Ingham family is at odds with its loyal retainers, the Swanns, for the first time. And when Cavendon's secrets start to rise to the surface, young and old alike are threatened. Can the generations unite to save the family name and their future?

The great Yorkshire estate of Cavendon Hall is facing bankruptcy. Its two families, the aristocratic Inghams and their retainers the Swanns, are at odds for the first time in living memory over the course that must be taken to save it. Secrets of Cavendon wraps up the story.

Martin's Press (November 21, 2017 ... "Secrets of Cavendon" by Barbara Taylor Bradford is an engaging and entertaining novel. The genres for this book are Fiction, and Women's Fiction.