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Jacquie Underdown
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When love is their only common ground, will they have the courage to meet each other in the middle? Neve's battered heart isn't ready to love again. But when she accidentally charges in on her brother's best friend while he is buck naked, she starts to see him in a new light-far from the brother-figure he used to be.For Anders, fighting the demons that tell him he's not deserving of love is an ongoing battle, but he is ready-he wants marriage, kids, the whole package. He just never thought he would want all of that with Neve. She is his best mate's little sister and, for that reason alone, she is off limits.But falling in love is always a risk. Will Neve gain the courage she needs to open her heart again before it's too late? And can Anders be confident enough in himself to fight for what he deserves?Set in the small town of Wattle Valley, a new rural romance about taking big risks for the sake of love from up-and-coming star Jacquie Underdown.MORE PRAISE'A charming contemporary romance set in Australia between a city girl and an Australian country boy ... If you're a fan of contemporary westerns, give this one a try.' - SheLove2Read on Catch Me a Cowboy (Wattle Valley, #1)

Neve is no stranger to heartache. Only six months after nearly losing her mother to a stroke, Neve was in a car accident that left her permanently scarred - emotionally and physically. 'Meet me in the Middle' is a collaborative project between three diverse cultural organisations (large and small) aiming to share ideas and change internal mindsets by partnering with one another and with communities to address participatory art and co-creation. Meet Me in The Middle Cafe.

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