The Future of Design

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Creating a successful global product is complex. Why do some products survive or become reinvented? What makes a product loved by some and despised by others? What key issues were present when some of the most notable inventions and product designs occurred?Through interviews with successful product designers and inventors from around the world, and case studies of products from their local inception to their global success, Innovation by Design will answer these important questions and provide a robust framework for activating innovative thinking that goes beyond Western approaches to creativity and innovation.

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For instance, after years of working in the health care space, Artefact has developed a deep and broad perspective on the key issues in digital health design necessary for changing patient behaviors. What is the future of design? What will the interior design industry look like in 2029? If the last 10 years are any indication, it will appear remarkably different than it does today. Join us in rethinking design education. Help us find people who will provide diversity of age, gender, race, interests, socioeconomic status, and political views.