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Gavin Le Sueur
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This is an A-Z of seamanship skills for multihull sailors. There are many textbooks on the market which detail general seamanship principles. This is not one of them. Multihull Seamanship is about sea-going catamarans and trimarans and the skills needed to understand and enjoy them to their utmost. Both racing and cruising yachts are catered for, as are trailer-able multihulls. Seamanship is not a black and white skill. It is an evolution of knowledge; a building of information through experiment, thought and experience. There is no definitive word on an evolving skill. Multihull Seamanship started as Dr Gavin Le Sueur's personal index of 'how-to's. It has grown through experience and others sharing their knowledge. It should be on the book shelf of every catamaran and trimaran. This book is for people who are already multihull sailors, or for those who are contemplating multihull sailing. It has served this community for over 20 years and this second edition is fully updated. It is illustrated with delightful line drawings by Nigel Allison.

{{Citation | title=Multihull seamanship, illustrated / [Dr Gavin LeSueur ; illustrations Nigel Allison] | author1=LeSueur, Gavin, 1959- | author2=Allison ... Multihull Seamanship Course Prepare Prepare the family, the boat and your skills. Sydney 02 10 501 Brisbane 0 5550 SEAbbatical Learn the Ropes Course Overview This is a modular program taking you from novice sailor to a competent off-shore skipper or crew who can take a short coastal passage safely.

Multihulls don't plunge and rise through the waves like a heavy displacement boat. They stay on the surface of the water, so their motion is lighter, quicker and less sustained in one direction. Multihull Seamanship: Multihull Seamanship.