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Peter Watt
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A century-old curse comes full circle...For a hundred years they have never forgiven, never forgotten. Now, the war between the Duffy and Macintosh dynasties will be brought to its stunning conclusion.Private Patrick Duffy was forced to flee Malaya as a child, and left orphaned when his mother died in Changi prison. Now, returning to fight a fearless enemy, he must confront the ghosts of his past if he is to find any hope for the future.Michael Macintosh is forging his own path to escape his mother's obsessive control. Sailor, soldier and mercenary, he will soon face war again, in the brutal jungles of Vietnam. Sarah Macintosh ruthlessly crushes anyone who gets in her way, and has vowed to destroy her sister-in-law, Jessica Duffy-Macintosh. Fixated on her own legacy, she has ignored her family's inheritance - a century-old curse, to be paid in blood..."Watt once again blends his multi-character saga with key moments of history. Fast-paced and exciting, this is a fine piece of Australian fiction" Canberra Weekly on While the Moon Burns

5 Stars 18 reviews have 5 stars 4 Stars 7 ... From the stars above January 26, 2017 I am asking all my friends to please pray for a good friend who is currently in a coma , please send healing, love and strength to him .. thank you all so very much this would mean the world to us and his beautiful family From the Stars Above: The Frontier Series 1‪2‬ Peter Watt.

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