The Anger Fallacy

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Steven Laurent, Ross G Menzies
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A life without anger is attainable — if you understand The Anger Fallacy.Anger is everywhere — behind everything from road rage to wrap rage, domestic violence to international conflicts. People cling to their anger, as a tool of influence and a driver of revenge. But is anger really ever useful? And can we learn to overcome it?In this entertaining and ground-breaking book, two of Australia’s leading clinical psychologists take a radical approach to anger management, exploding the irrational beliefs that fuel this noxious and misunderstood emotion. Through numerous examples from popular culture and the consulting room, and with a sizable dose of humour, the authors show how to combat anger by substituting empathy and understanding for righteous angry judgments. Along the way, readers will learn a new way of viewing people and their actions that is at once powerful and serene.

This book effectively addresses the many myths that people hold on anger (that it's effective, that it's necessary, that it works long term) and breaks down the faulty logic in each. In doing so, the authors present examples that everyone can relate to by ... The Anger Fallacy.

A life without anger is attainable — if you understand The Anger Fallacy. Anger is everywhere — behind everything from r... The Anger Fallacy Workbook by Ross G.