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In this controversial new book, dedicated veterinarian Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, D.V.M., Esq. raises the alarm regarding the dry food we feed our cats and the nutritional diseases that result. Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life turns today's conventional wisdom of cat care on its head with completely new, yet remarkably easy-to-follow guidelines for every cat owner. From kitten-rearing to the adult cat's middle years to caring for the geriatric cat, Dr. Hodgkins explores the full spectrum of proper cat care, as well as the many deadly feline diseases that are rampant. This indispensible manual belongs on every modern cat owner's shelf.

Remove wall-to-wall carpeting and upholstered furniture. Wood or tiled flooring and clean walls help reduce allergens.

If their body temperature reaches or exceeds 103.5 ° F, they have a fever. Coughing- You may be used to the sound of... If you have to give away your cat, Cat Haven can help! We will provide advice and resources to make it possible for you to keep your cat but if you have to surrender it, we will take your cat in to our shelter and try our best to find it a good home.