Hearts of Oak

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Eddie Robson
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"[Hearts of Oak packs in] the sort of profound and lacerating laughter that Robson's countrymen Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett perfected." -NPR Hearts of Oak is a delightful science fiction adventure from Eddie Robson, the creator of the acclaimed Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully. The buildings grow. And the city expands. And the people of the land are starting to behave abnormally. Or perhaps they've always behaved that way, and it's normality that's at fault. And the king of the land confers with his best friend, who happens to be his closest advisor, who also happens to be a talking cat. But that's all perfectly natural and not at all weird. Iona, close to retirement, finds that the world she has always known is nothing like she always believed it to be. There are dark forces . . . not dark. There are uncanny forces . . . no, not uncanny. There are forces, anyway, mostly slightly odd ones, and they appear to be acting in mysterious ways. It's about town planning, it's about cats and it's about the nature of reality. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The club competes in the Ghana Premier League, the Premier division on the Ghanaian football pyramid. Hearts of Oak aims to Speak hard-hittin truth to entrenched self-serving power without trimming, compromising or bowing to political correctness. The public are crying out for honesty and integrity in public life.

Coach Boadu is expected to take over the ... Accra Hearts of Oak CEO Mark Noonan issue a passionate appeal for Ghanaians to put local football first as the uncertainty over the game rumbles on. Heart of Oak is the official march of the Royal Navy. David Garrick was a famous actor of the day, and is credited with coining the phrase 'break a leg'. Hearts of Oak has been without a CEO since Frederick Moore left his role in November last year and are effectively without a properly constituted technical team.