Hidden Prey

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John Sandford
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**Don't miss John Sandford's brand-new, pulse-pounding thriller, Bloody Genius. Out now in eBook, out in paperback April 2020** A Lucas Davenport thriller by internationally bestselling novelist John Sandford. Theories abound when a Russian gets himself killed on the shore of Lake Superior - not just killed, but shot with fifty-year-old bullets. And his identity remains a secret: his personal papers say one thing; the FBI thinks something else entirely -- ex-KGB. Whoever he is, the dead man had very high government connections, so Lucas Davenport gets the call to investigate. Well, Lucas and a mysterious Russian cop with secrets all her own. Together, they'll follow a trail back to another place and another time, and battle the shadows they discover there... shadows that turn out to be both very real and very deadly. Because someone with an unknowable agenda and a very old grudge has every reason to want the dead Russian to remain unidentified... and will do whatever it takes to keep Lucas and his new partner from revealing the truth of their hidden prey.***READERS LOVE THE PREY SERIES***'The best Lucas Davenport story so far. The man has a fine touch for outlaws' Stephen King on Golden Prey 'Sandford’s trademark blend of rough humor and deadly action keeps the pages turning until the smile-inducing wrap-up, which reveals the fates of a number of his quirky, memorable characters' Publishers Weekly on Golden Prey 'It appears there is no limit to John Sandford’s ability to keep new breath and blood flowing into his Lucas Davenport series. This is a series you must be reading if you are not already' Bookreporter.com 'Sandford has always been at the top of any list of great mystery writers. His writing and the appeal of his lead character are as fresh as ever' The Huffington Post 'Sandford is consistently brilliant' Cleveland Plain Dealer

"This is vintage Sandford, which is to say all but impossible to put down," said The... Buy (ebook) Hidden Prey by John Sandford, eBook format, from the Dymocks online bookstore. About Hidden Prey "One of the strongest in Sandford's Prey series."— Entertainment Weekly "Good, dark, perverse, bloody fun."—The Washington Post Book World Theories abound when a Russian gets himself killed on the shore of Lake Superior—shot with fifty-year-old bullets. But when it turns out he had very high government connections, state troubleshooter Lucas Davenport gets the ... Hidden Prey is the 14th of the books in the Prey series that feature Lucas Davenport.

On the shore of Lake Superior, a ... Hidden Prey Summary. Hidden Prey by John Sandford.