Dear Roomie (A Rookie Rebels Novel)

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Kate Meader
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Reid Durand isn't here to make friends. Coming from a legacy of hockey greatness, he has games to win and things to prove. With his focus during his first season as a Chicago Rebel on his drive to succeed, every vice is off the table. No booze, no sugar, and definitely no women. Kennedy Clark is the master of the side hustle. She'll walk your dog, brew your espresso, and pick up your dry-cleaning, all while rocking it in Warrior pose. Standing still is impossible for her, because the moment she starts to slow down, it'll come rushing back in a torrent. The memories. The pain. The heartbreak. Their meet-cute is more of a freeze-cute. Besides, they already know each other. He's the rude, entitled customer at her coffee shop, or what used to be her coffee shop since she just got fired—because of Mr. Extra Shot Americano himself. Reid didn't intend to get Kennedy fired. He didn't intend to rescue a dog after the poor thing ended up in the lake. And he definitely didn't intend to acquire a new roommate. A curvy, chatty, tempting roommate. Now this perfect storm of events are about to wreak havoc on his neatly-ordered life. Reid Durand isn't here to make friends, and he's certainly not here to lose his heart to a puppy, a team, or a chaos agent like Kennedy. But then we don't always get what we want ...

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