The Big Book of Air Fryer Recipes

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Parrish Ritchie, founder of the food and parenting blog Life With the Crusts Cut Off, makes cooking for a rambunctious, picky family simple, enjoyable and healthy with this enormous selection of air-fryer recipes, big enough to feed your household for over half a year without ever repeating a dish. These 240 recipes, complete with 240 helpful, vibrant photos, will give audiences endless ideas for yummy meals that are quicker, less-messy to make and more nutritious thanks to the air-fryer's speedy, no-oil cooking method. This collection covers every meal, from breakfast to dessert, and will not only provide readers with tons of new dishes to try, but the sheer abundance of variety- with recipes focusing on meat, fish, starches, veggies, etc.-will fit any family's needs, whether dealing with picky eaters or dietary restrictions. And with perfectly salty, crispy results from the air fryer, families won't even know they're eating healthier. Start the day with Denver Omelet Stuffed Peppers or Air Fryer Rainbow Bagels. Make dinner staples like Chicken Cordon Blue and Crispy Italian Pork Chops, or recipes with a twist like Rodeo Meatloaf with Onion Rings, Tatertot Casserole, Apple Cider Glazed Ham and Honey Garlic Veggie Skewers. Amaze yourself at the ease of making desserts in an air fryer, with Apple Pie Tostadas and Molten Lemon Cakes. Parrish's decadent recipes, expert directions and never-ending ideas will make this the only air fryer book readers ever need.

Also included are air frying safety tips and instructions for proper air fryer storage and care. This book is available in ebook format, or as a 160 page hardcover with full color photos. Buy The Big Book of Air Fryer Recipes: 240 Standout Recipes with 240 Gorgeous Photos for Healthy, Delicious Meals from

Recipe by: Launa ... Looking for easy air fryer recipes? Try these simple fish and chips. The fish fillets have a fuss-free coating that's healthier but just as crunchy and golden as the deep-fried kind.