Equitation Science

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Paul McGreevy, Janne Winther Christensen, Uta König von Borstel, Andrew McLean
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A new edition of a highly respected textbook and reference in the rapidly emerging field of equitation science. Equitation Science, 2nd Edition incorporates learning theory into ethical equine training frameworks suitable for riders of any level and for all types of equestrian activity. Written by international experts at the forefront of the development of the field, the welfare of the horse and rider safety are primary considerations throughout. This edition features a new chapter on research methods, and a companion website provides the images from the book in PowerPoint.

EquiSci & Equicoach.life Equitation science promotes an objective, evidence-based understanding of the welfare of horses during handling, training and competition, to improve the horse-rider/handler interaction by explaining horse training from an ethological and learning theory perspective. Description. Equitation Science 2nd Edition McGreevy.

I am a fully qualified Equitation Science International Trainer, fully insured, and accredited by Dr Andrew McLean from the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre. I am based in the UK and my clients include international ... Equitation Science embraces all forms of training that are evidence-based and ethical.