Technology Entrepreneurship

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Natasha Evers, James Cunningham, Thomas Hoholm
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This second edition of the critically acclaimed core textbook provides students from technology and science based backgrounds with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to transform innovative ideas into commercially viable businesses for profit or social ends. Blending theory, policy and practice in a manner that is accessible to readers with little prior knowledge of business commercialisation, it offers a framework for understanding the entrepreneurial process for technological ideas. The book provides students with comprehensive guidance on the specialized field of 'technopreneurship'. It provides the tools and frameworks required for managing, commercialising and marketing technological innovation. With real life examples and case studies from a range of countries and industries, it will equip students with the understanding required to successfully launch their product. This text caters for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying technology entrepreneurship modules on engineering, science and computing technology programmes.

Again with Friis, he went on to set up Joost, an Internet television service that used peer-to-peer technology to deliver content to the user. One of the most critical strategies that needs to be developed by the technology entrepreneur is the one for launching the venture. Strategies exist at four different levels within the technology venture: enterprise-level, corporate-level, business-level, and functional-level. Technology entrepreneurs have to understand how their businesses will evolve and the importance of managerial skills, and most important strategic oriented mindset.

Due to the increase in the number of opponents in the market. The courset provides students with technological knowledge about entrepreneurship as well as the skills to turn such knowledge into practice. Technology Entrepreneurship (MSc) | Read your MSc at Technical University of Denmark - DTU. Technical University of Denmark Education Graduate MSc programmes Technology Entrepreneurship.