International Peacebuilding

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SungYong Lee, Alpaslan Ozerdem
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International Peacebuilding offers a concise, practical and accessible introduction to the growing field of peacebuilding for students and practitioners. This new textbook comprises three parts, each dealing with a key aspect of peacebuilding:Part I defines the core concepts and theoretical discussions that provide the philosophical grounds for contemporary peacebuilding activities.Part II divides the procedures of peacebuilding into three phases and examines some of the important features of each phase.Part III examines the key areas of the practice of peacebuilding.The volume approaches peacebuilding from the viewpoints of individual actors or institutions, introducing a range of theoretical discussions with which students can critically examine contemporary peacebuilding practice, as well as presenting detailed case studies for key issues highlighted in the text. In doing so, the book aims to provide more concrete ideas on how peacebuilding programmes are planned and implemented in the field and which major issues should be addressed by peacebuilding practitioners. This book will be essential reading for all students of peacebuilding, conflict transformation and post-conflict reconstruction, and recommended reading for students of international organisations, international security and IR in general.

It revolves around developing constructive personal, group, and political relationships across ethnic, religious, class, national, and racial boundaries. Prices (including delivery) for International Peacebuilding by Alpaslan Ozerdem. ISBN: 9781138929098 Few peacebuilding plans work unless regional neighbors and other significant international actors support peace through economic development aid and humanitarian relief.[56] At the request of the affected country, international organizations can intervene at the government level to transform established structures.[57] They not only provide monetary support to post-conflict governments, but ... Using the case studies of Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Lebanon and Northern Ireland this book dissects internationally-supported peace interventions.

Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. International Peacebuilding offers a concise, practical and a... Presenting a case for a liberal renaissance in peacebuilding, the work interrogates the assumptions behind the popular perception that liberal peace is in crisis.