Letters from War

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Mark Schultz, Travis Thrasher
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From platinum-selling singer Mark Schultz comes a novel inspired by his award-winning hit song “Letters from Home,” about a mother’s unwavering hope and steadfast prayers for her son to return from war.When Beth Thompson’s only son, James, goes missing in action in Afghanistan, she is left with her prayers, hopes, fears...and letters.Mother and son have been writing since boot camp. James writes of his struggle to become a confident soldier and of his concern for his young wife and their unborn child. Beth, like any mom, praises her son’s courage even as she frets for his safety.Even after James disappears, Beth is comforted by a daily ritual of writing him about her feelings, faith, and attempts to maintain a normal life when nothing is really normal but the waiting.Based on platinum-selling singer Mark Schultz’s hit song “Letters from War,” this emotionally powerful and timely story reveals how faith sustains in even the darkest of circumstances.

Lloyd proudly wears his army uniform. (Photos courtesy of Marjorie Layton, Lloyd's eldest daughter) Take a look at Lloyd's "dog tags." Here's his ... As the war wore on, letters continued to arrive, and whilst the number and senders of letters received were recorded in many diaries and letters, the focus of many soldiers turned to the trials and tribulations of replying.

A proud record. *** The Homefolk: Eric, Ida, Rita, Annie, Ted, Gordon.