Puppy Love

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A. Destiny, Catherine Hapka
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First crush, first love, first kiss—in this addition to the sweet and clean Flirt series, Lauren gets a lesson in love when she takes her new puppy to training classes.Fifteen-year-old Lauren has always loved dogs, but could never have one of her own until her highly allergic older sister went to college. Now she has her very own puppy, and she’s head over heels…until the cute little monster starts chewing everything in sight and barking loud enough to drive the whole family crazy! So it’s off to puppy kindergarten they go. There, Lauren quickly falls for the dog trainer, a seventeen-year-old dog whisperer with a hot accent. But is he really the one for her…or would she be better matched with Jamal, a fellow fumbling owner her own age with an unruly mutt? Will Lauren graduate from puppy kindergarten with a just a well-trained pup? Or will she have a new boyfriend by her side?

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Puppy Love can be viewed as a replacement for the Andy Asteroids? bonus-type levels from the first game, since both are recurring, and both effectively act as mini-games. This page is missing some contentand/or is still being worked on. Please be patient.