Remember How I Love You

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Jerry Orbach, Elaine Orbach, Ken Bloom, Sam Waterston (Foreword by)
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Every morning for the thirteen years he was on Law & Order, Jerry Orbach wrote his wife a short love poem and placed it next to her coffee cup before he left for work. Over the years Jerry wrote hundreds of notes -- all of which Elaine cherished and preserved. Now dozens of Jerry's most meaningful poems to Elaine, along with stories from his amazing career and their enduring romance, tell the tale of their life together. With essays from some of Jerry's dearest friends and a foreword by Sam Waterston, Elaine created a collection of funny and moving poetry and a tribute to a wonderful marriage and a dearly loved man. The world remembers Jerry as a legendary Broadway actor, Baby's father in Dirty Dancing, and of course the wisecracking detective Lenny Briscoe on Law & Order. But to his widow, Elaine, Jerry was a poet...and the love of her life.

They just might have been worse. Used to be "49" Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama ... Cause when you're details turn to dust And the words get worn and frayed And the past is trapped in photographs 'til I'll last days I'll remember how you I'll remember how you I'll remember how you loved me Funny how time erases memories over time But the feeling lingers round in the walls of your mind Like a secret that I keep in a box under ... Remember That I Love You is Kimya Dawson 's fifth solo album, released by K Records May 9, 2006.

Simon and Schuster, Nov 3, 2009 - Biography & Autobiography - 208 pages. 0 Reviews.