A Ruling Passion

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Judith Michael
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Judith Michael creates unforgettable characters and a vivid, richly textured world—where passions can be stronger than love—in this splendid bestseller.Pampered socialite Valerie Sterling is shattered by her husband’s death and the mysterious loss of her wealth. But she finds within herself the will to build a new life, and rekindles a romance with television network head Nicholas Fielding. Valerie is utterly unaware of the dangerous passions she is stirring up in Sybille Enderby, her childhood friend and daughter of a seamstress on one of Valerie’s estates. Clawing her way up in the television industry, Sybille has always longed to possess all that Valerie has. Yet success, marriage, and the glittering whirl of society cannot quench Sybille’s envy of her friend...an envy that grows into a powerful obsession: to destroy Valerie.

As events unfold, the two cases are getting ... Directed by Gareth Davies. With Joseph Morton, Rupam Maxwell, Matthew Radford, Victoria Korner.

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