Department Thirty

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David Kent
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Ryan Elder was an ordinary college kid when his life was torn apart by his parents' shattering double suicide. Years later, still haunted by his loss, he's tried to bury the past and live a normal life. But "normal" is about to get a whole new meaning....Out of the blue, Ryan receives a battered letter containing only a phone number and the words "Department Thirty" -- written in his mother's hand. Lured back to his boyhood home in Oklahoma City, he begins to unravel his parents' connections to a mysterious government agency...a web of assassination and betrayal...and a menacing, shadowy figure who knows Ryan's past -- and will determine his destiny. Now, to prevent an ultimate act of domestic terror, Ryan must find out why he has become the next puppet in a legacy of deception -- and who is pulling the strings.... David Kent builds suspense and paranoia to a fever pitch in this heart-pounding conspiracy thriller, his debut novel. Twist by electrifying twist, a secret government agenda comes to light -- and one man fights to survive.

What a read! Normally, I do not care for contemporary conspiracy stories, but this was way beyond the ordinary! It is written well enough to take the reader beyond "reality", and put you into Ryan's reality. I really got to ... Read "Department Thirty" by David Kent available from Rakuten Kobo.

The Tasmanian Government is developing the T21 ... Raised by a distant cousin after being abandoned by his parents, Eric Anthony, himself a single father of a young deaf son, embarks on a search for the secrets of his past, drawn by cryptic clues on a trail that leads him to Department Thirty. Free delivery on online orders of $119.99 or more anywhere in Australia The Mesa Conspiracy: A Department Thirty Novel David Kent.