Terms of Surrender

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Janet Dailey
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Another magnificent romance from Janet Daily—America’s greatest storyteller and author of the Americana romance series! Angie Hall is surprised by the smoldering desire that coursed through her when she sees her former husband, Deke Blackwood, again. Seven years under the hot Texas sun had changed the handsome youth into a rugged, powerful man. And Angie is no longer his unsure teenage bride, but a beautiful, proud woman. Now she has come back to claim the one special joy that has been missing from her life—their daughter. But her hopes are threatened by Deke’s fierce devotion to their child. And even as they battle over the daughter they both adore, a raw and blazing passion flames between them—a passion that promises again the love they once denied!

No one's listening to Hiss Golden Messenger in hope of hearing Taylor's take on trap, but Terms of Surrender is a less folky record ... Terms of Surrender. 10.

She goes to the Naval Academy for a job. Mari grew up in the military and hates it. Terms of Surrender book.