Hidden in Dreams

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Davis Bunn
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It’s not about understanding the prophecy. It’s about outliving it. Dr. Elena Burroughs’s life is spiraling out of control. Her controversial stance on dream interpretation has cost her a job, a romance, and all credibility in academic circles. Her literary agent tries to leverage the outcry into a publicity tour, which soon attracts a quirky following. Among the skeptics and mystics is a condescending scientist. But Elena finds his research holds ominous parallels with her own. A certain dream pattern has foretold every major catastrophe stretching back to the dawn of civilization. And now this dream is repeating itself in countless nightmares across the globe. Elena is confronted with a harrowing realization: the clock is ticking down to a cataclysmic financial collapse. Her desperation mounts as the prediction infiltrates her own dreams. Will this scientist become an unlikely ally—and maybe something more? Could an ancient biblical secret about the power of dreams and visions offer them an escape?

I work out problems in my dreams and it is a quite place where I find my ... The meaning behind Hidden Dreams. To dream that you have hidden away any object, denotes embarrassment in your circumstances.

It's about outliving it. In general, though, such a dream comes up when you are beginning to discover your own, previously hidden, wondrous potential. The dream is an invitation to bring more of your magnificence into the world.