The Motivation Breakthrough

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Richard Lavoie
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The Motivation Breakthrough explores proven techniques and strategies—based on six possible motivational styles—that will revolutionize the way teachers and parents inspire kids with learning disabilities to succeed and achieve.Backed by decades of experience in the classroom, educator and acclaimed author Rick Lavoie explodes common myths and gives specific advice for motivating children with learning disabilities. He outlines parents’ and teachers’ roles, suggesting ways in which they can work together to encourage any child to reach his or her potential. Finally, he reveals what we can learn from some of the most powerful motivators in the world: advertisers. With empathy and understanding, Lavoie offers parents and teachers the key to unlocking enthusiasm and responsiveness, proving any child can be motivated to learn.

As teachers, tutors, or parents, we have all come across that child who is very difficult to motivate. If you are anything like me, you probably spend many hours brainstorming ways to engage them in the learning process.

From the author of the groundbreaking Its So Much Work ... The Motivation Breakthrough offers concrete strategies and reveals the most powerful and effective secrets for boosting a child's confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. -- Donna Goldberg, author of The Organized Student Rick's experiences as an educator, father, and consultant shine through as he describes obstacles to motivation and eloquently articulates interventions that will be most ... A guide for parents, educators, and caregivers on how to inspire unmotivated children identifies teaching strategies that can be applied to a variety of personality types, in a resource that explains how adults can become healthy and work-oriented role models Jan 18, 2021 - Quotes, poetry, and words of wisdom are examples of what you'll find in 'Motivation Breakthrough'.