Vanished Books Three & Four

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Meg Cabot
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Ever since Jessica Mastriani was struck by lightning, she's had the ability to find missing people. But her amazing new power came at a cost: national fame and a crushing responsibility that Jess never asked for. The only way she knows how to get back her old life is to lie and say she’s lost her gift. But when Jess’s classmates start to disappear, she's accused of being involved. Jess’s only chance to clear her name is to use her powers. But this will only bring back all the old nightmares: the press, the FBI, everyone who seems to want a piece of her . . . including the guy she once gave her heart to. Time is running out, and it seems as if Jess is the only one who can save her friends. But even if she succeeds, will there be anyone to save her?

Meg is also the author of The Mediator series, the Airhead series, and many books for adults ... Book Cover Image (jpg): Vanished Books Three & Four. Trade Paperback 9781442406315 (0.3 MB) Author Photo (jpg): Meg Cabot.

Description: Simon Pulse, 2011-01-04. Paperback.