The Pleasure Quartet

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Vina Jackson
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It took years for Giselle to complete the journey from Orleans to New Orleans. Her mother had given birth to her a week or so earlier than her parents had expected, while the family were staying at their country villa in Orleans, in the French provinces by the curve of the Loire river. Throughout her childhood she would hear people, relatives and friends, speaking of New Orleans in America and she always imagined it as a newer, cleaner version of the sleepy regional city where she was born. It was only in her teens that it became evident to her that New Orleans was somewhat different, a city of darkness, secrets and legends. A city of promise...

It's what makes life worth living, even when it is just a fleeting thing, a brief moment.... Summer returns in the scintillating conclusion of The Pleasure Quartet series. About the Author Vina Jackson is the pseudonym for two established writers working together.

Disruptions to supply chains due to COVID-19 and Brexit have caused significant delays in ... ‎ For fans of the Calendar Girl series Summer has followed the ball to Rio, but her time with them is drawing to a close. Relishing in the anonymity of the exotic city, Summer flits between men, determined not to lose herself to her darker nature.