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Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert
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The planet Hellhole was devastated by a large asteroid impact centuries ago and most of its native species - including a sophisticated alien civilisation - were utterly wiped out. Now Hellhole has been opened up as part of a colonization initiative by the sprawling and decadent Galactic Monarchy, but only the hardiest, or most desperate, pioneers and misfits would dare to settle there. This is their story of trying to tame a shattered world, and of uncovering secrets left behind by a devastated civilization.

The central thing about Mars is that it is not Earth, not even close. In fact, the only things our planet and Mars really have in common is that both are rocky planets with some... Kiwis have responded to overseas criticism that strict lockdown rules have made New Zealand a "hellhole" with characteristic sarcastic humour.

The characters are easy for the reader to believe in, brought to life through not only their own emotions but also the responses and thoughts of the individuals ... hellhole Those areas are little better than hellholes, but people cannot escape from them: they have no alternative accommodation because of the housing crisis. Movie Info An amnesiac (Judy Landers) lands in a sanitarium where a mad doctor (Mary Woronov) tests her chemical lobotomy on patients. noun a place totally lacking in comfort, cleanliness, order, etc. a place or establishment noted for its illegal or immoral practices. countable noun If you call a place a hellhole, you mean that it is extremely unpleasant, usually because it is dirty and uncomfortable....stuck in this hellhole of a jail.