Tng #50 Dyson Sphere

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Charles Pellegrino, George Zebrowski
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Two hundred million kilometres accross, with a surface area that exceeds that of a quarter-billion worlds, the Dyson sphere is one of the most astounding discoveries the Federation has ever made. Now the USS Enterprise with Captain Jean-Luc Picard at the helm has returned to explore the awesome mysteries of the sphere. Intrigued by what is possibly the greatest archeological treasure of all time, Picard hopes to discover the origin of humanoid life throughout the galaxy - or perhaps the ultimate secret of the mechanistic Borg. But when a neutron star approaches on a collision course with the sphere, a mission of discovery becomes a desperate race against time. The many sentient species inhabiting the sphere face extinction - unless the Enterprise can save them all.

It occurs about a year later during a mission to further explore the inside of the sphere. A Dyson sphere is a colossal sphere constructed around a star, completely surrounding it. The interior of the sphere would absorb the entire energy output of that star, allowing for lifeforms to live on the interior surface almost indefinitely.

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