The Sacred Blood

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Michael Byrnes
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Secrets, miracles, prophecies, and the threat of Armageddon intertwine in this riveting sequel to the international bestseller The Sacred Bones . . .When American geneticist Charlotte Hennesey examined what she believed were the bones of Jesus, the Vatican tried to stop word of her discovery from spreading. Now her proof has vanished.But the bones were just the beginning. In her tests, Charlotte discovers that the DNA has the ability to repair damaged genes, to heal the sick, to cure incurable diseases. Dying from cancer, the determined scientist uses herself as a human guinea pig to try and save her own life . . .But someone wants those bones – and Charlotte. Rabbi Aaron Cohen, a descendant of the biblical Aaron and the high priests of the long-destroyed Temple in Jerusalem, foresees a time when Jerusalem’s Temple Mount is cleared of the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque and replaced with the Third Temple. And for Cohen, that time is now. He has only one problem – he cannot touch the Ark because his bloodline isn’t pure. And that's where Charlotte comes in . . .Cohen’s dangerous plan doesn’t go unnoticed, however. When Israeli archaeologist Amit Mizrachi uncovers a mysterious Egyptian hieroglyph in a hidden and previously undiscovered room, he asks noted Egyptologist Julie LeRoux to interpret it for him. As they begin a quest to unravel the mystery, bullets start to fly, and they know they are onto something huge.As Cohen puts his plan into action, the keepers of the mosques on Temple Mount are outraged. Will this be the act that leads to vast armies meeting on the hills of the town named Megiddo causing a global Armageddon?

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1,267 likes. SACRED BLOOD were founded originally under the band name SACRED, at December 2003 from Polydeykis (guitars, keyboards, soprano recorder).