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David A. Aaker, Erich Joachimsthaler
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Management fads come and go in the blink of an eye, but branding is here to stay. Closely watched by the stock market and obsessed over by the biggest companies, brand identity is the one indisputable source of sustainable competitive advantage, the vital key to customer loyalty. David Aaker is widely recognised as the leading expert in this burgeoning field. Now he prepares managers for the next wave of the brand revolution. With coauthor Erich Joachimsthaler, Aaker takes brand management to the next level - strategic brand leadership. Required reading for every marketing manager is the authors' conceptualisation of 'brand architecture' - how multiple brands relate to each other - and their insights on the hot new area of Internet branding. Full of impeccable, intelligent guidance, BRAND LEADERSHIP is the visionary key to business success in the future.

Your leadership brand enhances your career opportunities, demonstrating your ability and desire to take on more responsibility. The Brand Leadership Institute is the fastest growing e-learning platform experience addressing the pipeline gap for working women. We democratize executive coaching with a 24-week, e-learning technology platform experience that is proven, scalable and cost-efficient. Leadership brand is a reputation for developing exceptional managers with a distinct set of talents that are uniquely geared to fulfill customers' and investors' expectations.

We (virtually) traveled the globe to meet five marketing leaders. From Atlanta, Georgia and Sao Paolo to southern Finland and the Middle East, these men and women are distinguishing themselves by building and leading ... Brand Leadership was established in 2002 as Africa's first firm to offer brand strategy, brand valuation and intellectual property management as a core integrated service for decision makers who want to build sustainable brands in Africa. "Brand Leadership" is a highly needed roadmap for the multi-brand marketer which is as up-to-date as tomorrow morning with chapters on how to incorporate sponsorships and the Internet.