Song for My Father

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Stephanie Stokes Oliver
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On Election Day in 1960, a classmate of Stephanie Stokes Oliver threatened to beat her up. Why? Because in their class's mock presidential election, Stephanie revealed that she would follow her father's lead and vote for Nixon over Kennedy. Stephanie realized this day that her family was different from most other African Americans at the time: They were Republicans. Song for My Father is Stokes Oliver's memoir of her father, Charles M. Stokes, a prominent member of the National Republican Party. Known as "Stokey," this pioneering black man in the fields of law, legislation, and politics raised three children in the tumultuous 1960s and 70s, when memories of the Republican Party as the party of Abraham Lincoln -- and association of the party with the emancipation of slaves -- had faded. As Stephanie came of age, she and her father disagreed on everything -- especially politics -- but they were bound by mutual love and respect. Born in Kansas in the early twentieth century, Charles M. Stokes established himself in his home state as a lawyer and a Republican leader before moving in 1943 to Seattle, where he was the only black attorney in private practice. He later became Seattle's first black state legislator and served as Washington State's first African-American district court judge. When he ran for lieutenant governor in 1960, Stokes was narrowly defeated in the primary, but his political race blazed a trail for other African Americans in both local and national politics. This is Stokes Oliver's tribute to a larger-than-life father, but it is also the inspiring story of an American family who worked, struggled, dreamed, and succeeded.

A year later Silver entered Van Gelder Studio again with a new ... "Song For My Father" How I wish that I could tell you It's to you that I would run You were the place that I could always rest my head When my world had come undone 'Cause I've been wrestling with my demons They're telling me I have no choice How I wish that I could lean upon you now Amidst the chaos and the noise Your light buried the dark A constant unwavering heart You were the well to cool ... Recorded in October 1963, 'Song For My Father,' from Blue Note's long serving star pianist, Horace Silver, sounds as good today as the day it was recorded. According to Horace Silver, "Dad ... The very form of song reminds me of my father.

This is one of those tunes that you just have to know so be sure to listen to the original recording a lot and ... " Song for My Father " is a composition by Horace Silver. The original version, on the album of the same title by Silver's quintet, was recorded on October 26, 1964.