The Apple's Bruise

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Lisa Glatt
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From the bestselling author of A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That, a moving, disturbing, and utterly original collection of stories that examine a universe where memory and fact collide, and the imagination fills in the gaps left behind. The stories in The Apple's Bruise take a smart and unflinching look at love, frailty, and happiness and prove beyond doubt that Glatt is a modern master at blending heartbreak and hilarity. In "Dirty Hannah Gets Hit by a Car," a seven-year-old girl bullied by a neighbor across the street gains strength after a serious accident; in "Animals," a zoo veterinarian from a family of butchers tries at once to deal with his marital problems and the high rate at which his animals are dying; and in "Soup," a young widow tries to reconcile her feelings for her teenage son's friend, the town delinquent. With tenderness, insight, and humor, Glatt casts her gaze simultaneously on the beauty and the absurdity of our humanity, creating unforgettable portrayals of unusual characters and the complexities of desire and fidelity that compel them.

Learn more Apples bruise most probably because you either dropped it which caused the apples cells to split open triggering the common chemical referred to as phenols to come out or emerge. (ebook) The Apple's Bruise (9781439104361) from Dymocks online store. From the bestselling author of A Girl Becomes a Comma Like...

It's this reaction that leads to the brown, unappetising 'melanin' chemicals that we see on a sliced or bruised apple. A bruise index was developed to quantify the severity of bruising. It was found that the bruise index could distinguish apples bruised to different levels and that there was no significant change in the impedance properties of the apple after the initial damage had occurred.