The Blueprint For My Girls In Love

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Yasmin Shiraz
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This is my first relationship. What should I do? I don't know who to trust. Which guys can be trusted? My best friend and I like the same guy. Should we remain friends? Has everyone had sex except me? How long should I wait? No one defines your life but you. After publishing her first book, The Blueprint for My Girls, author Yasmin Shiraz conducted workshops with girls across the country. She was flooded with questions the girls had about love, relationships, and intimacy, questions they didn't feel comfortable asking their family and friends. She realized that her role as the "old enough to advise you, young enough to keep it real" big sister could help girls stay grounded as they experienced dating, relationships, and intimacy for the first time. In this book, Yasmin tackles the pressures of dating, breaking up, and friendships -- as well as HIV, pregnancy, and abuse. By sharing her own mistakes Yasmin helps girls answer the tough questions without being preachy. It's the perfect guide to help young girls decide for themselves what they want from relationships, guys, and love.

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