Our Time Has Come

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Sylvester Stephens
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**An ENGAGING and PROVOCATIVE new novel that CHALLENGES all the political, social, and economic INADEQUACIES of the AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS System.** In a dazzling display of political insight and masterful storytelling, Sylvester Stephens presents a new novel about what has been wrong throughout America's past -- and what can be made right in its future. Solomon Chambers is born in Saginaw, Michigan, in 1940. His parents and his uncle moved to Michigan from Mississippi years earlier, hoping to avoid the racism of their home state. Solomon eventually becomes a lawyer, and when his uncle is murdered in Mississippi he serves as a witness for the prosecution -- and has his first real brush with the reality of racism. Later, in the year 2007, Affirmative Action and the Voting Rights Acts are abolished. When African-Americans charge the United States government with violating their constitutional rights, Solomon is called to try the most significant case of his career, and one of the most important in history. Full of powerful political commentary and dramatic narrative, Our Time Has Come is the inspiring story of a man who must confront himself and his own history -- and fight for a just future that can heal the pains of a violent past.

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