The Welkening

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Gregory Spencer
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A fantasy novel in an alternate world.Lizbeth, Bennu, Len, and Angie are misfits, and they know it. They are often overlooked and ostracized for being overweight, short, airheaded, or wearing coke-bottle glasses. When bullies inflict a wound to Len's head, the four friends find themselves suddenly thrust into an alternative dimension—the realm of Welken, an idyllic kingdom under attack by Morphane the Soul Swallower. The noble defender Piers urges the four to aid his beleaguered land. But their insecurities hold them back until several mysterious adventures reveal that the weaknesses so disdained in their own world are weapons of great power in Welken. Victory is far from certain, however, as the enemy resorts to shape-shifting and deception, finally storming the Welkeners with an army of slaves. Unless the misfits find the courage to wield their weapons and turn the battle, Welken will fall into the death grip of Morphane.

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Spencer's use of unique descriptions, while not always desirable, did well enough at other times, though I cannot deny that his use of words like "blobby" drove me a little nuts. However, that is hardly the most ... (ebook) The Welkening (9781451605181) from Dymocks online store.