How to Kill Your Boyfriend (in 10 Easy Steps)

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D.V. Bernard
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Stacy has just killed her boyfriend-but the problem is, he won't stay dead. If you could kill your boyfriend and get away with it, would you? In How to Kill Your Boyfriend (in Ten Easy Steps), a young, beautiful woman abducts a complete stranger so that they can kill her boyfriend. The stranger-a famous radio call-in host-is terrified at first, but before she knows it, her beautiful abductor whisks her into a world of amazing possibilities. Horror transforms into fascination once Stacy reveals that she's killed this boyfriend more than once. A sisterhood is forged in blood. They find themselves living and laughing like never before. Yet, all is not as it seems-before they know it, their quest to kill the boyfriend begins to uncover a mystery that may cost them their own lives.

We have not officially broken up, but I would say that we are just friends now. I have not talked to him about it.

This book begins when a young woman, Stacy, who claims to have killed her boy friend. She abducts Dr.