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Some studies suggest that over forty-five percent of black women are without a mate. It’s no wonder these single ladies are desperately trying to find love. Caviar Dreams tells the tale of one woman’s search for love, but this time maybe she’ll try lowering her standards—just a bit.Naomi’s boyfriend may have a great job and buy her nice things, but she’s tired of his cheating ways. For once she wants to find a nice guy, regardless of how much money he makes. When her best friend suggests a Girl’s Weekend in the Bahamas, she’s game. Maybe she’ll even find a hot Bahamian guy that will treat her the way she deserves. But can she really handle the fact that the perfect guy she meets is a waiter?DeShaun is a hardworking server at an island resort. He has been in love with the same girl for years so he’s completely devastated when he finds out she’s cheating on him. That’s it! He’s taking a break from relationships.His best friend tells him that he met two American beauties that are looking for weekend fun. What could be the harm in a good time with no strings attached?What happens when two people from different worlds—and countries—believe they want one thing in a relationship but end up finding another? In the prequel, Caviar Dreams, find out how Naomi and DeShaun first meet and do not fall in love. Then check out how their relationship turns steamy and ends up in murder in the thrilling novel, Champagne Life.

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