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Gabe Kaplan
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When fifty-eight-year-old Gabe Kaplan, perhaps best known for his performance in the title role of the popular seventies sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, got an e-mail asking him to participate in a show called Celebrity Boxing, he couldn't resist the urge to have a little fun with the request. After exchanging a series of ludicrous e-mails with the show's talent coordinator in a mock-serious attempt at negotiation, Gabe was inspired to start a prank e-mail campaign. The result is this hilarious collection of correspondence. See how people react to Gabe Kaplan's absurd claims that he: * has slept with more women than Wilt Chamberlain * is an expert at Cossack dancing * thinks he's smart enough to become a member of MENSA * wants his image on a U.S. postage stamp * would like NASA to send him into orbit with Jimmy Carter and Dr. J * and many more! Witty, irreverent, and ridiculously comical, Gabe's e-mails and the responses he receives are sure to entertain anyone with a taste for the surreal.

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