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Bestselling author Yolanda Joe brings back savvy Chicago reporter Georgia Barnett in a novel that moves to the beat of the newsroom and pulses with wit and intrigue. She's calling the shots. Georgia is at the center of a chaotic scene, but not as a TV reporter breaking an incredible story. She and her partner, Zeke, are taken hostage when a bomb-wielding gunman holds up a bank. He doesn't want money, though. He wants national media to focus on the story of his missing daughter. In exchange for access to the airwaves, Georgia can walk. Zeke, however, is going nowhere fast. She's dodging the bullets. With her tough cop boyfriend away on assignment, Georgia's taking help where she finds it. Enter the Video Cowboys, a rough-and-tumble camera crew hungry to ride with Georgia on a nail-biting, action-packed investigation that leads them all over Chicago. With a trigger-happy police force facing off against a desperate father, Georgia is under the gun to find the missing girl and save Zeke from the crossfire. And time is running out. . . .

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