The Crime Lab Case

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Carolyn Keene
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Solving crimes with science is fascinating—until a pretend mystery becomes all too real! Nancy gets Bess, George, and Ned to help out with a special program for high school students, a “chemystery” camp. They’ll visit a forensics lab, a drug company, and a university to see how science is used to solve crimes. Then they’ll use what they’ve learned to work on a made-up case. But the mystery begins even before the program starts when the professor who runs it suddenly falls into a coma. Now Nancy’s in charge—of the made-up case and the real one. Strange encounters of the dangerous kind and a list of promising suspects test all her talents of deduction. From the tiniest clue on a carpet to real menace in a quarry, Nancy’s crime lab is bubbling with trouble!

He was convicted also of the murder of 12-year-old Kimberly Leach based on fibres found in his van that matched the girl's clothing. Bundy was put to death in 1989.

Non ... When the son of the famed aviator was kidnapped in 1932, the FBI and its new crime laboratory played a key supporting role. A cold case is just that—an investigation of a crime, usually a violent one, where all leads have been exhausted and the trail has gone cold. But in recent years, the use of various technologies ... "The Creative Crime Lab Case" is a newer Nancy Drew mystery, meaning it is placed in the twenty-first century (as opposed to cases such as the Mystery of Shadow Ranch).