2010: Take Back America

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Dick Morris, Eileen McGann
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As battle lines are drawn for the next midterm elections, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann—authors of the smash #1 New York Times bestseller Catastrophe, as well as bestsellers Fleeced and Outrage—are back with 2010: Take Back America. Fans of Morris’s multiple FOX News appearances will find many of the same conservative rallying cries in this book—health care, Obama’s economic agenda, the looming tax threat to American citizens, and many more.

A regular political commentator on Fox News, he is the author of ten New York Times bestsellers (all with Eileen McGann) and one Washington Post bestseller. Eileen McGann is an attorney who, with her husband, Dick, writes columns ... Editions for 2010: Take Back America: A Battle Plan: 0061988448 (Hardcover published in 2010), (Kindle Edition), 0061994405 (Audiobook published in 2010)... Read 2010: Take Back America: A Battle Plan Online Download PDF 2010: Take Back America: A Battle Plan.

Morris has been discredited. He argued against Hillary, Obama won and Morris failed to stop Obama.