The Great Awakening

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Now in paperback: the bestselling author of God's Politics revives our hope in a politics that reflects our highest common values and offers a roadmap for solving our biggest social problems.

Anderson, The ... The Great Awakening was an outburst of Protestant Revivalism in the eighteenth century. The beliefs of the New Lights of the First Great Awakening competed with the more conservative religion of the first colonists, who were known as Old Lights. "They view this as a great opportunity to do a mass red-pilling," he said, using internet shorthand which, in extremist circles, refers to the process of "awakening" individuals to a ... A powerful religious revival known as the Great Awakening occurred in the British North American colonies from the 1720s to the 1740s.

Learn more about the Second Great Awakening and its impact on American Protestantism. Great Awakening, series of religious revivals that swept over the American colonies about the middle of the 18th cent. It resulted in doctrinal changes and influenced social and political thought.