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Mary Castillo, Berta Platas, Sofia Quintero, Lynda Sandoval
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Four stories of sisterhood—the bonds, the wars, the frustrations, the love—seasoned with hot Latin spice!Those "Wild Orihuela Girls," Dori and her sister Sela, intend to live up to their reputation—and more!—in order to give their snooty sister-in-law-to-be exactly what she deserves on her wedding day . . . Till Death Do Us Part by Mary CastilloAnita Suarez is only seeking comfort after losing her dream job and carefree lifestyle, but finds that her old-fashioned sister Susana has abandoned her family to run off to Sin City with a college hunk. Now it's up to Anita to bring Susu back to reality and keep the younger man's sexy big brother at bay . . . What Stays in Vegas by Berta PlatasMichelle Saez is a total straight-arrow by day—but at night, she lives a shocking double life in leather as Madame Michelina. And her scandalous secret could very well derail her attorney sister Jennifer's bid for elected office . . . Whipped by Sofia QuinteroPopular talk-radio queen Marisol Avila can't keep her mouth shut—and she's airing her sister Cristy's dirty laundry to millions of listeners nationwide. It's going to take more than Cristy's unwanted fifteen minutes of fame to repair this sisterly rift and re-connect siblings who are seriously . . . Diss-Connected by Lynda Sandoval

I just can't do it anymore. I don't feel guilty or upset like I have done previously when I've ... The post has divided Reddit users, with a split between those saying you can't claim a name, and others saying she should have taken her sister's feelings into account.

5. Terry Bull: Try saying this one aloud and you will see why it is one of the most popular nicknames for brothers.