The New Art of Managing People

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Tony Alessandra
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When a manager establishes a friendly yet productive working atmosphere, the benefits to the whole organization are substantial. The Art of Managing People provides practical strategies, guidelines and techniques for* Developing the interpersonal skills necessary to improve relations with employees* Understanding the differences between people, and behaving accordingly* Assessing, and then improving, current working situations* Creating trust between managers and employees.Person-to-person skills are the key to developing an effective team of satisfied, energetic workers. Letting your workers express their own personalities and maximize their potentials will* Reduce stress within the work force,* Create a positive spirit throughout the company, and* Increase the organization's productivity and profitability.

A digital culture is one that embraces information and insight, and Time Management ; Stress Management ; Communication Skills ... Start by specifying the outcome you desire to the people you trust to deliver it.

With this as a guide, manager selection should focus on both the management skills and the candidates' cultural fit. Since they are in a position to influence a large number of your employees, you want to make sure that you get both components right.