Elizabeth Taylor's Nibbles and Me

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Elizabeth Taylor
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In 1946, Elizabeth Taylor -- then fourteen and a major star at MGM -- published a book about her pet chipmunk, Nibbles. With wit, charm, and remarkable skill, she related the adventures and mishaps of her high-spirited friend. She and Nibbles were virtually inseparable during the shooting of National Velvet and other films; in fact the chipmunk almost got to appear in Courage of Lassie -- but he was so well behaved that he didn't look real, and his scene was cut! Recounted here are such stories as the happiest birthday of her life, when she was given King Charles, the horse who was called The Pi in National Velvet, because only Elizabeth could ride him.

Taylor was paid $1,000 for her story by Duell, Sloan and Pearce -- a publisher who primarily issued children's books. She writes about how she first found Nibbles while filming Courage of Lassie. "Nibbles and Me" by Elizabeth Taylor.

Today's Deals Best Sellers ... Written when she was just 14, Elizabeth Taylor's Nibbles and Me provides an innocent account of the child actress's experiences and her adventures with her pet chipmunk. The memoir first issued in 1946 contains Taylor's original b&w sketches as well as photographs of the two friends together.