Gods Concubine

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Sara Douglass
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The second compelling instalment of The Troy Game - the sequel to Hades' Daughter>/i>.It has been 2000 years since Cornelia, wife of Brutus, brought the Troy Game to a wrenching halt by murdering Genvissa, the Mistress of the Labyrinth. In those 2000 years the city of Troia Nova, now known as London, was razed and rebuilt a dozen times as the Minotaur Asterion unsuccessfully tried to discover where Brutus hid the six golden kingship bands of Troy. But now everyone is back, reborn into 11th-century Europe so they can play out their part in the Game.Asterion lurks within the court of Edward the Confessor, plotting with malevolence. Cornelia lives, older and wiser, but trapped in another loveless and desperate marriage. Genvissa returns, driven by spite and ambition. And in his stronghold on the coast of Normandy waits Brutus, reborn as one of the mightiest warrior-kings of all time...

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